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January 28, 2014
The Four most important marketing questions
March 10, 2014

Positioning Your Brand to Fit Your Consumers

brand positioning
Positioning a brand used to be about strategically developing one (or a set of) attributes and get that into the mind of the consumer. All the branding and marketing was developed from the viewpoint of the brand, not the consumer.
If social media is any indication, consumers rarely care about the brand, they care more about how the brand makes them feel and what the brand enables them to do. Most photos, comments and posts are about the consumer’s life, and if your brand fits in, then it gets mentioned. The marketoonist draws a realistic picture about brands being “inside the mind of the consumer”. Brands can be memorable and relevant to the consumer if they enable the consumer to do better and be better. method, the maker of non-toxic household cleaning products, for instance, lets its users have a happier cleaning experience. Hence, everything they do, from the design and fragrance to the non-toxic formulation and efficacy, is designed to let its users clean happier. So the next time someone wants a lift in their dull household chores, you’ll bet they will think of method products.
So when you’re thinking of repositioning your brand or developing a positioning strategy for your new brand, think of how your product can be relevant to your consumer and how you can enable them to do more.