Positioning your brand to fit your consumers
February 17, 2014
Positioning Your Brand to the Market
Positioning your brand to the market
October 2, 2017

The Four Most Important Marketing Questions

most important marketing questions

Today, these four questions are the most important ones that any marketer and brand owner needs to be able to answer:

1. Who is the customer?

2. What content fits them best?

3. When can we reach the customer?

4. How can we reach the customer?

Make good use of both online and offline data to better understand how your brand can be relevant and useful to customers. Make the purchase decision and brand experience a more personal one by tailoring certain aspects according to your marketing data.
Do not think in silos – your customers do not live exclusively online or offline at any one time, so neither should your brand. Integration is key. Build a movement, not a campaign, to nurture an ongoing relationship with your customers and add to the insights you have. This will in turn allow you to have better answers to the four marketing questions.