2020 Marketing Trends & What You Should Do About It

2020 Marketing Trends

By Julia Koh & Syira Junaidi
December 2019
2020 marks not only the new year, but a whole new decade. Consumer trends have drastically changed since 2010, partly thanks to the advancement of technology and partly to culture. As such, the way we do marketing and business will also change. In 2020, marketing will look very different than before.
Prior to 2020, we witnessed what social media can do in all its glory. We also saw the decline of traditional media, the maturity of SEO and search engine, and the information revolution that forever changed the way we work and play.
Here are 5 more marketing trends that you’ll be seeing more of in 2020:
  1. Customer’s Expectations
    As the new decade starts, brands and businesses are expected to get their customer service up to speed. In an era where competition is saturated and price is no longer the only factor for purchase, switching to a competitor is ever so easy.
    2020 Marketing TrendsCustomers expect that all information about a business are easily available online. They also expect that their online inquiries are answered instantly, which explains why there’s an increased use of chatbots, live chats, and AI. Customers are willing to pay more for better service and customer experience. Thus, brands have to take the extra step to go above and beyond to please their customers. Apart from that, customers also expect that brands stay consistent across all channels.
  2. Content & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    2020 Marketing TrendsWe always say that content is king. In 2020, content will reign supreme as digital marketing dominates the marketing landscape. Content influences how you will rank and appear in search results. As search engine algorithms on Google and Bing are getting better at tracking relevant searches, websites have to be better at specifying the SEO keywords to target.

    Things like blog posts, website content, backlinks, bounce rates, even URLs and alt text influence your SEO and your ranking on search result pages for users and consumers to find. In 2020, online searches will be part and parcel of daily life, whether it’s for food, work, emergencies or anything else. Almost everything will involve the internet, and so should your brand.

  3. Visuals & Interactive Content
    When we say content, we don’t mean just the written text. Website design, visual content, video, and interactive content will become more important in 2020. It improves user retention rate and makes your content easier to digest and more enjoyable for users.
    Some basic forms of visual content many brands are utilising include infographics, social media graphics, and short promo videos. But those with bragging rights might use long-form video brand story, animation, interactive infographics, and even Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR).
  4. Omnichannel Marketing
    2020 Marketing TrendsOmnichannel marketing is not the same as multichannel marketing. Omnichannel is more integrated and makes a customer journey more seamless and efficient. This marketing trend is not very new, but it is popular and trending. It appeals to many businesses because it synergises all of their offline and online marketing into one system that the brand and their customers can benefit from.

    In 2020, there will be more touchpoints between brand and customers; social media, emails, ad links, mass media and so on. This means more moving parts that can get messy if they’re not integrated. Omnichannel allows you to control how your customer will experience your brand and make his or her journey more consistent and pleasurable.

  5. Anything But Cash
    Lastly, 2020 will see more cashless payment options on the market. Consumers, especially young Malaysians, are highly adaptive to e-wallets, online banking, and other forms of cashless options. Armed with their smartphones, paying and shopping online is just a tap of a button or a quick QR code scan.
    Brands are getting in this trend en masse. The most popular cashless platforms are GrabPay, Boost, WeChat, and Maybank QR Pay. Soon, more e-wallets are coming which include TnG e-wallet, and even e-commerce platform Lazada Onederful Wallet.

Branding & Marketing in 2020

With all these trends and predictions for the new year, how should brands act?

Firstly, brands should get their branding right and consistent. In 2020, will their brand message resonate with their target audience as intended? Secondly, brands should be where the crowd is; social media, e-commerce platforms, new or niche distribution channels, and wherever their customers flock. This is where market insight and data can be very helpful.
Lastly, brands can consider trying out these 5 marketing trends in 2020. By fortifying customer service, SEM, content & visuals, customer journey and diversifying payment channels, brands can enjoy better brand reception and streamline the marketing funnel. Hopefully, you’ll have a strategy on how to take on the new exciting decade.