Shop local Malaysia Brands

Shop Local: 25 Malaysian Brands You Should Support for Our Economy

Shop Local Malaysia Brand

By Julia Koh & Syira Junaidi
June 2020
As the world starts to settle down in the new normal caused by the global pandemic, governments are directing their focuses back on the economy and getting it up and running again. The Malaysian government’s recently-announced ‘PENJANA’ package includes an array of incentives and plans to revive local businesses.
But as fellow Malaysians, we can also help stimulate the economy back by shopping local and supporting our homegrown businesses!
When we buy from local brands, we contribute to their revenue. These local brands would, in turn, pay tax and contribute to the country’s tax revenue. Thus, we will have more income to spend it back on the rakyat through schools, hospitals, roads, and social incentives.
There are also many more reasons to support local businesses:

  1. You support local producers, manufacturers, and suppliers that work for the brand.
  2. You support local artists, entrepreneurs and talents that work with the brand.
  3. You encourage more local jobs to be created.
  4. You support local charities & foundations that the brands contribute to.
  5. You minimise carbon footprint on shipping and delivery.
A lot of good things come when you support local Malaysian brands. And hey, Malaysian brands are not bad at all! Many of our brands are very underrated and deserve more recognition. So, here we list out some awesome local brands that need your support:

Shop Local Malaysia Brand

  1. Bonia
  2. Soonaru
  3. British India
  4. Berwick St Vintage
  5. Bash Clothing
  6. Summerveil
  7. APOM!
  8. Gene Martino (disclosure: we did brand strategy work for Gene Martino)

Shop local Malaysia Brands

  1. San Francisco Coffee
  2. The Chicken Rice Shop
  3. Secret Recipe
  4. Marry Brown
  5. Sushi King
  6. Ramly
  7. Beryl’s Chocolate
  8. Aori Ramen (disclosure, Aori Ramen is a client)

Shop local Malaysia Brands

  1. Velvet Vanity
  2. So.Lek
  3. Elianto
  4. Nita
  5. Chique
  6. FAME
  7. Sugarbelle
  8. PrettySuci
  9. Zhuco

In Conclusion

There’s nothing wrong with buying imported goods once in a while. But the benefits of shopping local should be considered and made a habit, especially in the new normal. Malaysian brands are just as good, if not better, than many branded goods from overseas.
So the next time you’re picking out a new polo shirt, eyeliner, or a place to eat, consider our local brands. Shop local, support our homegrown brands, and help our country bounce back from the impact of COVID-19.