Helping a gourmet chocolate brand retain its market leadership

Barry Callebaut is the global leader in chocolate manufacturing, and with a multitude of brands under their portfolio. Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, Barry Callebaut has about 6,000 employees and over 40 factories in Europe, Africa, North and Latin America and Asia Pacific. Malaysia is the APAC headquarters.
Selbourne is the local brand in Barry Callebaut’s portfolio that is a leading brand in India and Malaysia, with a growing presence in China, Singapore and Indonesia. Our task was to solidify the brand’s market leader position and ensure its brand identity and communication is relevant to restaurant and pastry chefs regionally.
We conducted a thorough analysis of Selbourne’s past and present and worked together with management and key stakeholders to strategically position Selbourn for the future. We solidified the brand’s position in the industry, strengthened its brand positioning and its key message to customers.


The strategic insight became the foundation for Selbourne’s product rebranding through message and brand positioning. We revamped Selbourne’s brand identity to reflect its position as the premium compound chocolate and developed the Brand Book to guide the brand’s consistent presentation and message.


The revamped brand was extended to product packaging and a product brochure, all of which carries the same consistent message which facilitates Selbourne’s continued market penetration regionally.