Most organisations consider their brand name and logo to be their “brand”. In today’s digital age, this approach is no longer enough, and will result in disappointing brand performance. Why? If you take away the name and logo, there is nothing left. There is no brand, and people will not pay for nothing.

Organisations that enjoy the benefits of a powerful brand move beyond the “brand is a logo” mindset. They define and then consistently express their brand through design, communications, behaviour and digital tools. To reach this stage, brands must have a carefully considered Strategic Brand Plan.

This highly interactive course utilities the “Strategic Brand Blueprint” to help participants develop a robust and impactful brand strategy.

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals entrusted with the direction and vision for brand development and tasked with achieving marketing and corporate goals.
  • Marketers who want to up their game and win with a strategic road map for their brand.
  • Strategic Planners and Brand Strategists who want to polish their skills to seek smart solutions for the growth economy.
  • Communication executives at brand, creative, digital and media agencies.
  • C-suite Executives who have to advise and report to stakeholders on strategy, brand and communications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build a robust “Strategic Brand Blueprint” in line with business goals and marketing objectives.
  • Develop brand takeaways, ready to be implemented in the organisation.
  • Conduct a strategic dialogue with colleagues and stakeholders through a greater understanding of key strategic brand planning tools.

About the Trainer

Julia is the Executive Director of Brand360 Degree Sdn Bhd, a consultancy firm on brand and marketing matters for multinationals and innovative Malaysian companies. She is also a Chartered Marketer and a member of Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

She has over 13 years of experience in the branding and marketing field, co-founding Brand 360 Degree to expand on her passion for delivering strategy-driven brand results.

Julia is the community lead for Womenwill, a Google initiative to help women leverage on technology for equal access to information and opportunity. She is also a committee member of Gorgeous Geeks, a local NGO that seeks to empower women through technology.

She holds a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from RMIT University, Australia and a Master in Business Systems from Monash University, Australia. Julia is also a certified trainer with HRDF and has conducted several brand and marketing workshops.

4-Day Workshop Modules

Structure Your Strategic Brand Plan

  • Define your brand context
  • Profile your target customer

Clarify Your Brand Substance and Values

  • Understand the essence and elements of your brand.
  • Establishing the business case for your brand plan.

Defining Your Brand Values

  • Importance of function and emotion when developing brand values
  • Identifying core and peripheral brand values.
  • Leverage on brand essence to drive performance.

Clarify Your Brand Promise

  • Distinguish between features and benefits.
  • How to identify core benefits.

Establish Your Brand Positioning

  • Define points of parity and difference
  • Understand your competitive frame of reference
  • Types of positioning and digital tools to use

Brand Value Proposition

  • Understand brand value proposition vs brand positioning
  • Dangers of competing on price
  • How brand experience can be a value proposition

Your Brand Personality

  • Aligning your brand to your customers
  • Using your brand for self-expression
  • How to profile your brand using archetypes

Brand Tone & Manner

  • Crafting your brand message
  • Determining your brand tone of voice for social, video, verbal & written - Impact on customer perception

Building Your Brand Story

  • Why have brand stories
  • Identify the brand story framework
  • Identify the types of brand story arcs

Delivering Your Brand Experience

  • Understand the customer purchase decision journey
  • Identify touch points for pre, during and post purchase
  • Understand touch point priorities

Brand Portfolio Management

  • What is brand architecture
  • Apply brand architecture to your organisation
  • How and when to stretch and extend brands

Applying Metrics for Brand Success

  • Putting your Strategic Brand Blueprint together
  • Identify metrics and budgets at each stage
  • How to monitor, evaluate and pivot

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