Establishing a strong digital presence for a school uniform brand

A pioneer brand of school uniform in Malaysia, Professor is well known for its superior uniform material and unparalleled workmanship. But the business had not capitalised on the shift to digital technologies to expand their presence. Looking to embrace e-commerce effectively, the business turned to Brand360 to help them establish their digital presence.


Our mission was to restore the brand to its status as the premier school uniform and curricular activity uniform brand. We rebranded Professor Uniform to make it fresher and more relevant for the digital world. In line with the brand strategy and direction, we even managed videos and photoshoots to ensure photos and videos were on-brand and illustrated Professor Uniform’s new direction and brand purpose.
We developed a holistic plan for Professor Uniform’s digital transformation, starting with an e-commerce website, cataloguing their entire product range and making it available for online purchase. We worked on presenting a consistent and relevant brand image through social media, in-stores and marketing materials.


In light of the economic restrictions due to Covid-19, we unveiled the new Professor brand through a digital campaign, focusing on increasing brand awareness among young parents and telling our brand purpose through story and influencers. Brand awareness xx% was recorded to have increased among the target audience and the campaign will be extended through activations in order for parents and students to share their story.