This course is a beginner level course, suitable for those who are looking to improve their current level in their organisation, or to prepare for a promotional opportunity in their organisation. This course is also suitable for those who want to expand their job scope and responsibilities to enhance their career development options.

People like Tony Fernandes, Vivy Yusof and Aliff Syukri are known for their business profile as well as their company. They have created powerful personal brands that revolve around their personalities and values, on top of their famous businesses, generating attention and interest for both. For entrepreneurs, business owners and executives looking to advance their career, the key is to establishing long-term career success is to shape and promote the personal brand in association with the business brand.

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals who want to climb the corporate ladder and improve their visibility in the organisation.
  • Middle Managers who want to improve their current perception among top management.
  • Key successors who are groomed to take on corporate responsibilities.
  • C-suite Executives who steer their organisations towards growth and stability.

Learning Outcomes

A strong personal brand can help SMEs:

  • Establish themselves as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Give themselves a competitive edge during online research.
  • Gain control of their employee’s career advancement.
  • Influence the opinions, decisions, attitudes and actions of the target market.
  • Educate the target market through knowledge sharing and experience sharing.
  • Attract better career advancement opportunities for employees.
  • Attract potential investors, partners and collaborators to improve business performance.

About the Trainer

Julia is the Executive Director of Brand360 Degree Sdn Bhd, a consultancy firm on brand and marketing matters for multinationals and innovative Malaysian companies. She is also a Chartered Marketer and a member of Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

She has over 13 years of experience in the branding and marketing field, co-founding Brand 360 Degree to expand on her passion for delivering strategy-driven brand results.

Julia is the community lead for Womenwill, a Google initiative to help women leverage on technology for equal access to information and opportunity. She is also a committee member of Gorgeous Geeks, a local NGO that seeks to empower women through technology.

She holds a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from RMIT University, Australia and a Master in Business Systems from Monash University, Australia. Julia is also a certified trainer with HRDF and has conducted several brand and marketing workshops.

2-Day Workshop Modules

Welcome to The World of You

  • What is personal branding
  • Personal vs Company vs Product brands
  • Why build your personal brand

Your Personal Brand Blueprint

  • Assess your current brand
  • Personal branding tools
  • Your Personal Brand Blueprint

Your (Hidden) Talents

  • Functional vs Aspirational talents
  • Talent assessment

Your Personal Values

  • Assess your current brand
  • Personal branding tools
  • Your Personal Brand Blueprint

Your Best Position

  • What is personal positioning
  • Types of personal brand positioning
  • How to be authentic
  • How to be unique
  • How to be relevant

Embrace Your Brand Purpose

  • What do you do what you do
  • Developing your identity
  • Using archetypes to build your personal brand purpose and self-expression

Your Personal Brand Story

  • We all have brand stories
  • Determining your brand tone of voice for written, verbal and official
  • Crafting your personal brand message
  • How brand stories help brand YOU
  • Identifying your brand story arc
  • Building your personal brand story

Communicating Your Personal Brand

  • Putting your personal brand together
  • Choosing your communication platforms
  • Build a process for consistency and commitment
  • Digital tools to help you communicate better

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