Planning a brand strategy for a local skincare brand

Byme was started by a first time entrepreneur who wanted to share her beauty ideas and skincare concept that was inspired by her many travels. The products were sourced after 3 years of exploration and testing, but the founder needed the right visual branding and brand story to match her vision.


Brand360 helped define Byme’s brand strategy, developing a unique differentiation for the new brand to stand out in the crowded skincare industry. We collaborated closely with the founder to understand her entrepreneurial journey and vision, building an authentic brand story that supports the brand and inspires others.
The brand strategy was translated into visual identity through distinct product packaging and seasonal series. The brand is further brought to live through a comprehensive website and an active social media presence.
We also planned and managed the launch of Byme’s first skincare range, utilising an integrated marketing approach that includes email, social media, digital ads, pop up stores and public relations to introduce Byme Skincare to its target audience.


By being involved from the beginning, we were able to really understand and bring the Byme brand to live across multiple channels and stages. Brand360 worked closely with the Byme team to effectively launch the brand and convert leads into customers with proven testimonials. We led the business’ first ever marketing campaign and continued to work with Byme to plan and manage seasonal campaigns and new products. The business continues to grow from strength to strength.