Helping a traditional Malay apparel brand with their rebranding

With nearly 70 stores in Malaysia, Gene Martino is a household name among Malaysian families looking for well designed and well tailored modest wear. The brand is made popular by its sedondon outfits, matching baju kurung and baju melayu for all in the family.
After nearly 30 years, Gene Martino is looking to refresh its brand to better reflect its business growth and digital ambitions. The rebrand will also be implemented in its new retail stores at high traffic shopping centres.

Brand collaterals


Brand360 was engaged to redesign the Gene Martino identity for the 21st century. We undertook both customer and employee surveys and research to develop a comprehensive brand strategy, one that would fuel the business to achieve its growth objectives. The brand concept of being the modest wear brand for all ages, sizes and occasions particularly resonated with the business owners, as family togetherness is an important value to the entire company.
We visualised the strategy through a robust brand identity, ensuring the identity is versatile to be used in multiple forms, formats, sizes and applications. The new identity is rolled out digitally, at their retail stores and on ground activities.
We also developed a digital strategy for the brand, revamping its website and enhancing social media posts for a more engaging digital presence.



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With a clearly defined brand strategy, employees are clearer on how the business differentiates itself from the rest and the values that attracts its best customers. The Gene Martino brand story is also weaved into its brand videos and marketing campaigns, making for a more holistic brand.
With its new brand strategy, decisions such as new collection launches, social media posts and marketing materials can be easily made in alignment with business and brand objectives. With a strong brand identity, supported by a clearly differentiated strategy and united staff, Gene Martino is on track to fulfil its growth and expansion goals.

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Logo Mockup Collection by Asylab

Store Signage (artist's impression)

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In-store checkout counter (artist's impression)

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In-store layout (artist's impression)